Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013

Bima, Arjuna, Gatotkaca vs Antareja

As someone who were grown up with Wayang stories (Mahabharata, Ramayana), my cultures provide me with a lot of inspiration although I sometimes stuck with a theme. 

Some themes I have drawn before:

The following picture describe Arjuna and his brother, Bima. The latter often became theme of my sketches due to his muscle, claw, long hair, and thick mustache. The former was rarely became my inspiration but when I drew him, I usually wanted to drew someone with arrow.

The following two pictures describe the same scene which came from Sumbadra Larung (Sumbadra Over the Water). 

The story started with Burisrawa (Duryudana's son) who could not take his lost and still wanted Sumbadra. So in her wedding day, Burisrawa jumped over the Kaputren fence (Kaputren - part of palace for ladies) and tried to seduce her. While Sumbadra was still loyal to his newlywed husband, Burisrawa threatened her with Keris Knife, but an accident happened and she was stabbed to death.

Burisrawa ran and left her behind. Srikandi found the body and told others. To fish the criminal out, Kresna (Khrisna) advised Pandawa brothers to let her be put on a boat on the river and let Gatotkaca watched over her. 

Meanwhile, Antareja, Bima's forgotten son from his previous adventure (see Bima vs Dragon [Naga]) wanted to find his father. He came to the surface with a medicine that could heal the wound no matter how worse it was. He found the boat where Sumbadra was and applied his miracle medicine to her. Meanwhile, Gatotkaca, never met Antareja before, mistook him as the criminal who stabbed his aunt.  And then came the fight between those two.

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