Jumat, 20 Maret 2009

Kuliax Fan Art

Kuliax is a LiveCD based on Knoppix, Debian, Sidux, and Kanotix. You can know more about it from

Study of Animal on the Greyhound Bus

Being on the bus (Greyhound) for two days was a kind of torture. You would get bored but there was nowhere you could go. Therefore, I take my pencil and start practice drawing animal.

Drawing animal is always my weakness.

Jatayu's Struggle to Prevent Sita Kidnapping by Ravana

Sabtu, 07 Maret 2009

Why I hardly study

What an annoyance..
everytime I open my notes and start study,
a few minutes later, my mind wandering and suddenly, instead of important point in my notes, I draw something useless like the following pictures:

Cheetah inspired

It is inspired from Wonder Woman's arch-enemy, Cheetah.

Woman and Tiger

Hmmm witchblade-inspired?

This is not a pic of witchblade. It just inspired from Witchblade.