Rabu, 26 Agustus 2009

[ Mock up sketch ] Eric - Merantau

This is the only poster where Eric appear clearly. But I disatisfied with the pose, thus, in the bus on the way home, I open my notebook and start sketch. I had three idea, two from the "job interview scenes" and one from "lift scene".

In the job interview, Eric had to won the fight against a big guy. After a series of deadly punch, he broke the guy's backbone
and throw him to the floor.

The lift scene was more tricky. I didn't know how low Eric and Yuda's stance. These are the reference:

and this is my mock-up sketch. Note that when I drew the pics, I did it on the bus on the way home. No picture reference. All came from my mind.

If I want to draw Eric, which move will be look good on picture?

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