Jumat, 30 Mei 2008

Anoman and "Anoman and Trijata"

Anoman is a character whom I most draw. The character itself was interesting since he was half a god, a quarter of human, and a quarter of monkey.

The first picture present Anoman and Trijata. Trijata was a she-devil (Raksasi), a daughter of Vibisana and also Ravana's niece.

I always present Raksasa tribe had blonde hair such as my previous drawing. Sometimes I also draw a skull accesories to present their blood lust.

In Ramayana story, Trijata was ordered by Ravana to guard his captive, Sita. When Anoman was sent by Rama, he met Trijata who accompany Sita. In some Javanese version, Trijata also show the escape route for Anoman. In some minor Javanese version, both Anoman and Trijata falled in love and got married.

The background of the picture can be the forest surrounding Alengka (if the story take a place when Trijata show escape route from Alengka to Anoman) or Taman Argasoka (if the story take place Trijata let Anoman met Sita).

The second picture is another version of Anoman.
If you are an expert of Wayang stories, you know the Anoman drawn here are Javanese version. If you want to see other version of Anoman (India or Burmanese), you can see my previous drawing, titled Parallel Anomans.

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joker mengatakan...

you,ve got some nice pics to draw, man.although you,re obviusly need lot of practices, but you,re drawings impressed me.
I am interested in wayang and all of the characters, and you,ve got those character feeling in your drawings. I want ( already ) to make a comic and/or children book about anoman for children. It,s the Indonesian version of Nickelodeon,s El-Tigre but with Anoman as the hero and Very very indonesian taste.
Can we meet to talk abut it?
mail me at ayam_ammar@yahoo.com

thanx alot, man